eTitle Jurisdictions

EDS first developed its eTitle application in 2001 and has continued to enhance and
expand its program to fit the need and specifications of different jurisdictions. Learn
more about our eTitle programs below.


The Arizona eTitle program began in 2001 and is operated by eDealer Services parent company, the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association (AADA). AADA eTitle offers many transaction types, built in fee calculator and digital document submission.

For more information please contact:
Kristen Hernandez


For the Iowa eTitle program, EDS partners with the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association to bring Iowa dealers an electronic title and registration program capable of processing new and used vehicle transactions.

For more information please contact:
Jessi White- Director of Dealer Services


EDS’ eTitle solution is an approved vendor for the Minnesota Electronic vehicle title and registration services (EVTR) program. EVTR allows licensed dealers to electronically submit title and registration work to MNDRIVE.

For more information please contact:
844-403-5853 Option 2


eTitle coming soon!

North Dakota

EDS is excited to bring Pioneer eTitling to North Dakota in partnership with the Auto Dealers Association of North Dakota. Pioneer eTitling will offer an efficient and convenient way for ND dealers to electronically submit their title and registration work including digital submission of documents.

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