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Don’t let our name fool you, EDS is more than a company offering services and secure software solutions to the dealership community. In fact, we have been working in partnership with motor vehicle agencies and automotive industry partners since 1995.

As a subsidiary of the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association, EDS offers web-based software solutions and programs for the automotive industry to assist with Electronic Lien and Title (ELT), Electronic Title & Registration including digital document submission (eTitle), Temporary Registration Permits (eTRP) and Dealer Title Reassignment Transfer (DRT).

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Our Suite of Services

Our suite of services offers intuitive and unique programs that focus on the needs of the users and are customizable to fit the policy, procedures, and statutes of the motor vehicle agency. Our goal is to help guide jurisdictions in their quest to a complete electronic process- from start to finish.

Electronic Lien & Title (ELT)

Electronic Lien & Title allows jurisdictions to exchange lien and title information and perform title maintenance transactions with lienholders electronically. The EDS hub solution offers a secure single interface for motor vehicle agencies, service providers and lienholders to transmit this title information and transactions.
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Electronic Title & Registration (eTitle)

eTitle allows dealerships to send title and registration work to their jurisdictions processing agencies from their desktops. This robust electronic title and registration application gives users the ability to query data from the state system, upload DMS data, calculate fees, submit digital documents and so much more!
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Electronic Temporary Registration Permits (eTRP)

The Electronic Temporary Registration Permit (eTRP) application instantly issues temporary permits right from a dealership’s desktop and updates the information to the jurisdictions system of record in real-time.
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Dealer Reassignment Transfer (DRT)

This easy-to-use web application allows a dealership to reassign a title into their dealership name when taken in on trade; creating a DRT record immediately on the system of record to accurately reflect the owner.
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Innovative Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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