Electronic Lien & Title (ELT)

Single Gateway Hub Solution

Our ELT Single Gateway Hub solution offers a secure single interface for motor vehicle agencies and lienholders to transmit ELT transactions either through batch files or real-time transactions.

With our program and services, we partner with jurisdiction agencies in the development of a unique ELT program that fits the needs of their jurisdiction while offering them guidance and our ELT expertise for best practices. We not only assist with the implementation of the program including enrollment and education of service providers and lienholders, but we also maintain the program after implementation by working directly with all parties involved including jurisdiction personnel, service providers, lienholders, consumers and dealerships.

User Friendly Hub Solution

For each ELT program we provide a secure web-based hub application for service providers and jurisdiction users to view transactions and maintain lienholder ELT accounts.

Enrollment & Management of Participants

We take care of the enrollment of service providers and their lienholders and maintain updates to their account profile information. Our hub application includes an easy request and approval functionality to manage ELT lienholder participation.

Customized Real-Time Reporting

Our Hub application provides customized and ad hoc reports and search functionality for jurisdiction personnel and service providers.


We have developed long standing business relationships with service providers since 2010 and currently work with seven national service providers in providing successful ELT services to thousands of lienholders across the country.


We work with the jurisdiction to create transactions unique to the needs of the businesses they work with such as: lien notifications, lien releases, expedited lien releases, request for printed title, title cancelation and so much more!

Help Desk


Our seasoned help desk staff offers full time support of the ELT hub application and the program for all stakeholders. All of our team members are certified title and registration processors trained on our ELT solution and specifics of the different ELT programs. The EDS help desk team supports all parties impacted by ELT, including state personnel, dealers, lienholders, service providers and consumers.

About EDS & Our ELT Experience

As the pioneer of the Electronic Lien & Title Single Gateway Hub solution, we began our ELT experience in 2010 when we implemented the AZ ELT program. Since that time, we continue to expand our ELT knowledge and currently provide an ELT Single Gateway Hub solution in Arizona (2010), Nevada (2015), District of Columbia (2018) and Kansas (2019).

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