Dealer Reassignment Transfer (DRT)

Dealer Reassignment Transfer (DRT) is a major step in becoming an electronic title jurisdiction. This easy-to-use web application allows a dealership to reassign a title into their dealership name when taken in on trade; creating a DRT record immediately on the system of record to accurately reflect the owner. This real-time reassignment of title becomes a matter of record immediately available for query and eliminates the need for a paper title to be printed. The DRT system allows for agencies to be able to monitor vehicle and dealer activity within their jurisdiction while allowing dealers the ability to obtain a clear ownership record and offer vehicles for sale more quickly.


This program and solution can work in conjunction with any ELT program, allowing dealers to request a DRT be completed instantly once an ELT release is successfully completed. With DRT and ELT working hand and hand, jurisdictions can eliminate the need for a paper title to be printed and mailed to a dealer and a dealer can eliminate the wait time associated with mailing paper titles.

Real-Time Queries & Updates

DRT interfaces with jurisdiction systems of record to query and verify accurate title data for transfer. Dealers simply enter in key data points and DRT checks the system of record to verify the data entered is accurate to proceed.

Digital Document Submission

With DRT, dealers can digitally submit the supporting documentation to the jurisdiction document system.

Customized Real-Time Reporting

Our DRT application provides customized reports and search functionality for jurisdiction personnel and end users.

About eDS & Our DRT Experience

In 2017, eDealer in partnership with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division developed and implemented the DRT system. The program allows for approved dealership users to electronically reassign a title into their dealership name when taken in on trade from a consumer or other dealership. During the implementation of DRT, eDealer Services worked with their parent company, the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association, in educating and training their dealer members on the program and continue to work with the AZ MVD and dealers to maintain a successful program.

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