Electronic Temporary Registration Permits (eTRP)

The start of a new title and registration begins at the point of sale, before the customer drives off the lot. The Electronic Temporary Registration Permit (eTRP) application instantly issues temporary permits right from a dealership’s desktop and updates the information to the jurisdictions system of record in real-time. Imagine, no more paper log books or handwritten cardboard stock and immediate updates of vehicle and permit information. This application and program provide jurisdictions reassurance that they have up-to-date information for those vehicles being operated on their streets and highways.

Real-Time Queries

eTRP interfaces with the system of record to query accurate vehicle and driver information instantly. Reducing errors and validating accurate owner and vehicle information.

Real-Time Updates

Permit information is updated to the system of record instantly allowing law enforcement and agency personnel immediate access to the data.

An Uninterrupted Application

Our application will never stop commerce creating a sense of reliability for jurisdictions and their dealerships.
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This program is cost effective and requires no specialized paper or printer unless required by jurisdiction.

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We offer our expertise and work in partnership with the jurisdiction and agency to design their unique temporary permit. This program can stand alone or be part of another application, like electronic title and registration.


We can work with the jurisdiction to make sure only active dealerships and approved personnel are allowed access to the system. Customized reporting is also created in order to provide a tool for monitoring and auditing issuance of temp tags by users of the system.

About EDS & Our eTRP Experience

In 2003, eDealer through its parent company the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association, began working with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division in implementing their eTRP application. Since that time, we have managed an uninterrupted application in which dealerships have the capability of issuing temporary permits from their desktops. We also manage electronic title and registration systems in Iowa and Minnesota that include issuance of temporary permits in their programs.

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