Electronic Title & Registration (eTitle)

The EDS electronic title and registration application, known as eTitle, was developed to fit a need for a more efficient title and registration process. Since the startup, our application has evolved into a robust dealer to jurisdiction processing system capable of real-time transactions and queries, digital document submission, DMS integration, fee calculation and much more. eTitle is a system that expedites the processing time for dealerships and eliminates the manual processing and shuffling of paper documents within the jurisdiction processing offices.

Real-Time Queries & Updates

Real-time query, submission, and update of title & registration information. The real-time interface with the system of record allows for accurate data to be communicated to and from the system.

DMS Integration

Our system integrates with many national dealer management systems (DMS). DMS integration allows for data to be transferred from the DMS to our system with a click of a button, eliminating the manual entry of data and increasing accuracy on the work being sent to processing offices.

Customized Real-Time Reporting

Our application provides customized reports and search functionality for jurisdiction personnel and end users. We create these reports based off the needs of the users and the program.


We understand that every jurisdiction title and registration process is different. That is why we work with you to customize a system that adheres to your jurisdictions policies and procedures.


Dealers can digitally upload and submit title & registration documents to the jurisdiction.


We work with many jurisdictions on ACH collection of fees from dealer and distribution to the appropriate agency, department, or county.


Many electronic T&R programs require permit or plate issuance during the transaction. Our system includes key functionality to assist and accommodate this requirement.

About EDS & Our Electronic Title & Registration Experience

In 1995 the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association, eDealer Services parent company, become a certified title and registration third party in the State of Arizona. With that experience, we began developing our electronic title and registration application, eTitle, in 2001. Since that time, we have continued to enhance, modernize, and expand the program utilized in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota and coming soon in North Dakota and Massachusetts.

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