About eDS

eDealer Services LLC (eDS), a subsidiary of the Arizona Automobile Dealers Association, offers internet-based software solutions for the automotive industry and state motor vehicle divisions to assist with Electronic Lien and Title (ELT), title processing, vehicle registration, document management and issuance of license plates and temporary registration permits.

Originally established in 1939, the AADA began its partnership with State motor vehicle agencies with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) in 1995 as a provider for title and registration services. In 2001, their history of providing electronic processes and services to states began. The eDealer Services, LLC subsidiary was created in 2007 for the development and delivery of electronic solutions to State motor vehicle agencies across the country. The result of eDealer Services’ partnerships with states is a suite of products that deliver the ability to provide entirely electronic solutions between dealers, the state, and lenders.

eDS is the original provider and creator of the Single Gateway "HUB" solution for Electronic Lien and Title and continues to be the only one in the United States to offer such a service. In 2009, eDS continued their working relationship with the AZ MVD and began developing the ELT program for the State of Arizona. The mandatory ELT program was implemented in May 2010 and since that time, eDS has provided and maintained an uninterrupted ELT system and program for the State of Arizona, it’s five national service providers and over 7,000 lienholders.

With its well-known success in Arizona, eDS contracted with the State of North Carolina to develop, implement, and maintain an ELT system & program in 2014. With the Single Gateway "HUB" solution in place this program became a voluntary program in November 2014. eDS implemented the ELT mandatory phase on July 1, 2016.

AADA/ eDS also developed, implemented and currently maintains Arizona’s only title and registration web application that allows for a completely electronic process from start to finish. In 2012, eDS implemented a document management program within this application allowing for the electronic submission of documents. This program has saved the State of Arizona over 1.5 million pieces of paper since its implementation.

Overall with all of eDealer Services’ combined services, we support over 20,000 dealers and lenders combined and process over 3.1 million transactions each year.