eLien & Title

Available March 18, 2019

eDealer Services is excited to partner with Kansas Vehicle Title Service Company (KVTSC) to offer an Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) program for the Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR).

Since 2003, Kansas has not printed paper titles when a lien is recorded. With the implementation of the ELT batch process, lenders are now able to receive electronic notification of titles and can also release liens electronically for all current Kansas titles.

Lenders can participate in the Kansas ELT program by enrolling with one of our approved service providers. If a lender is currently working with a provider in another ELT state and that provider is not listed as participating with Kansas at this time, please contact that provider to see when this program will be available. Please check back frequently as our service provider list will be updated as providers complete their enrollment and testing.

For information on becoming an approved service provider please contact us at helpdesk@edealersvcs.com.