District Of Columbia

eLien & Title

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) is working with eDealer Services LLC on creating a voluntary Electronic Lien and Title program.

In phase one of the program the DC DMV decided to begin with electronic lien releases. Electronic lien releases will allow lenders to release liens more efficiently and timely for their customers and eliminate the time, money and stress associated with preparing and mailing paper titles and releases.

Lenders are now able to submit electronic lien releases through a:

  1. Service Provider - Lenders can choose to sign up with an approved service provider. These providers offer lienholders services in which they can manage their electronic title transactions such as lien releases. eDealer Services is in the process of signing up service providers and will post participating providers as they become available. If you are currently working with a service provider in another ELT state, and do not see them listed as participating in DC, please let them know they can contact eDealer Services at support@edealersvcs.com to get signed up.
  3. Web Portal for Individual Transactions sent directly to DC DMV - A portal has been created for lenders with liens in D.C. to log in directly and complete individual lien release transactions. This website is now available, and lenders can begin enrolling to gain access to the system. For more information please contact helpdesk@edealersvcs.com.

The District of Columbia is working towards a full ELT program in the near future which will include lien notifications and other ELT transactions. A roll out date for this next phase has not yet been set.