by Beverly J DeVine


Director, Strategy and Product Development

Dealertrack Collateral Management

 When Arizona first decided that they were going to outsource their mandatory ELT program we were concerned that the centralized hub model proposed would complicate the management of ELT. However, we quickly learned that the centralize hub model, with Service Providers working independently with the hub, is very effective. You have provided both us as a Service Provider and our lenders with valuable support during the implementation of the program and also have been extremely responsive to our production ELT requirements. Your Help Desk support has been outstanding! In situations where a jurisdiction doesn’t have resources to develop an ELT product, the AADA solution offers the jurisdiction an opportunity to implement ELT without significant impact on internal resources or budget.As well, it maintains the integrity of the current ELT model where a small number of Service Providers continue to provide competitive ELT services to lenders across the United States.As a trade association, you insure that all ELT Service Providers and Lenders are treated consistently and fairly.